NAYDINE Live concert bij de Kampanje.

Geschreven door op december 8, 2019

De Kampanje, de prettige muziekvereniging uit het Vlaams-Brabantse Steenhuffel presenteer NAYDINE Live concert …So this is Xmas

Zaterdag 21 december 20u00 – Zondag 22 december 19u00

 Brouwerijstraat 10, 1840 Steenhuffel 



Get ready for the introduction…         Nadine

After nearly 15 years filled with numerous hits and a prestigious award in her home country (Best Cross Over Album of the Year) Nádine is ready to conquer the rest of the world! This presentation features the highlights of the past year and will leave no one untouched. Once you have discovered Nádine’s voice and seen her performance… you are a Nadine Fan Forever! Enjoy!

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